Norwich Youth Lacrosse Association, Norwich Connecticut

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Revised Dec 20, 2016 to align across NECLAX

Players, coaches, officials, parents and spectators are to conduct themselves in a manner that “Honors the Game” and demonstrates respect to others. Safety, Instruction, Fair Play are hallmarks of New England Coastal Lacrosse, Norwich Youth Lacrosse Association and all participation towns.

I wish to participate in Norwich Youth Lacrosse Association (NYLA) and New England Coastal Lacrosse Association (NECLAX) activities. As a participant in such play, I pledge to:

  1. Learn the rules of lacrosse so that I may be a better player, coach and fan.
  2. Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating only positive support for all players, coaches, and officials at every event.
  3. Support the drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free environment that is important for all youth sporting events.
  4. Make only supportive comments to all players, coaches, and officials.
  5. Remember the field is a classroom and everyone is learning.
  6. Focus on the fun and participation.

I also pledge NOT to:

  1. Ever use threatening or profane language at any youth event (including practice, game or special event).
  2. Possess or consume alcohol at any lacrosse event, including the fields, spectator areas, and parking areas.
  3. Argue, criticize, disrespect, or otherwise undermine the coaches, players, or officials.
  4. Touch an opposing player, coach or game official in a threatening manner.

Every player, parent, or coach who wishes to participate in any NYLA/NECLAX event must sign this contract. A player from must be signed by his/her parent(s) or guardian. The signature indicates that the person has read and agreed to this Code of Conduct and knows that the consequences of violating one of these rules include ejection form the event. The NECLAX Board of Directors will be notified of the ejection. The Board may decide the ejectee must appear before the Board to describe the circumstances of the ejection. Understand this is a contract between you and the league that must be upheld in order to participate.

Use of Social Media

Social media should be used to create a positive and inclusive organization and experience for ALL. Social media may never be used to intimidate, embarrass, bully or otherwise harm individuals, teams, organizations or groups. Personal or identifiable information should not be released publicly in order to protect the privacy and safety of the participants.

All participants (players, coaches, and parents) must read and sign this document.

Signed Codes MUST be held on file by member program administrators through the end of June each year. The signed documents should be available on demand when requested by the NECLAX Board of Directors.