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Team Standout Pinney #3
by posted 03/19/2023

The Hoover

This is the final team standout pinney, and like the others it will be awarded each Monday and returned each Friday. This pinney is for the player who wins the most ground balls, and scoops them up like a Hoover vacuum. This should be the most coveted pinney, because this player is the one who shows the most hustle, and who is relentless in pursuit of getting the ball for his team. This player is usually the one who wins games for his team, because in youth sports, the team who wins the ground balls often wins the games. 

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Team Standout Pinney #2
by posted 03/19/2023

The Grinch

This pinney is a practice pinney only, and will be awarded each week to the player who is the stingiest on defense. This could be a player who is causing turnovers, stealing passes, or locking down his opponent. Like The Grinch, this player is all too happy to take the ball away from the other team. The coaches will award this pinney each Monday and it will be returned on Friday, to be awarded again the next week. 

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Team Standout Pinneys
by posted 03/19/2023

Money Man

This pinney is for practice only, and will rotate each week (if applicable) to whichever player displays the best stick skills. This could be based on assists and goals, or it could be the player who has the surest stick that week, and I will make that determination each Monday. The player who earns that pinney will wear it for all practices that week, and then give it back to me on Friday after practice so I can choose again the following Monday. 

To start the year, this pinney will be given to the player with the most reps on our SNYPR app. 

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by posted 03/13/2023

Welcome to the U10-U8 squads for 2023!

I will be adding quite a bit more information over the next few weeks, so keep checking back to see what's in the works for our team. 

For tonight, I'd like the boys to download the SNYPR app on a device they are allowed to use for a daily wall-ball challenge. Compatible devices are: iphone, ipad touch v4 or newer, and most android types. When you have downloaded the app, create a user name and enter the team code: 57058, which will take you to our team stats and challenges. 

Coach Chris

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Asst Coach 
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